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Time Wasters
Punch Bin Laden
Yo Yo Tricks
Jig Zone -- Photo puzzles, 48 to 250 pieces.
Punch a Politician
Fruit Game
Warp a Celeb
World Mouse Clicking Championship
Punch the Backstreet Boys
Toy's Wardrobe -- You can dress him up...
Piercing Mildred -- If you can't pierce yourself.
Punch the Boss
Pants Racing -- The sport of kings.
Piyo Rod -- Balance the bird and catch the eggs.
What's My Pirate Name?
Punch Jamie Oliver
Interactive Map of Wales -- A virtual tour with sound.
Dot Clicking Competition
International Toe Stub -- Multilingual toe pain!
Find the Spam
Punch Prince Charles
Human to Dog Years Converter
Punch President Bush
UFO Attack
Sex Bots -- Oo baby!
Multicolured Intestine Creator
Hit the Dot
Cute Kitten Generator -- Awwwww! Look at all the cute kitties.
Punch Puff Daddy
Mr. Insult's Abusive Reflex Tester
Animal Rap
DJ Name Generator -- Time for a change.
Lunch Decision -- Let your computer decide for you.
Bill Clinton's Underpants
Ant City -- You're a giant magnifying glass...
Predict a Shag -- Groovy, baby.
Random Product Generator
Mr. Crap Potato Head
Rave Dancers -- Give it large!
Singing Cow -- Turn down the sound.
Hammer Time
Japanese Name Converter
The Curious Thingy
The Chimp vs President Bush
Kinkinki -- Shake your booty.
Interactive Goldfish -- Make it swim!
How Drunk Are You?
Bubble Wrap -- You know it feels good!

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